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Diyes is dead?

If you were following my blog you might have noticed there was not much activity in the Event Sourcing framework I was doing in my free time. The main reason for this is that some time ago I decided to change job and will work as a DevOps Engineer at Unsilo, so I started focusing on using my free time in something more relevant for my next job. Very soon I will also loose my Windows box so I will not be able to code C# more so I think unfortunately I will have to leave this project midways…

If you are looking for CQRS library with a very active community try to check out d60 Cirqus, developed by my soon to be ex-colleagues down at d60.

book review: The Passionate Programmer by Chad Fowler

I first heard of The Passionate Programmer about 1 year ago through Rasmus (@rasmuschristens), my team lead at that time, he recommended the book after hearing Chad Fowler in a conference and described it as highly inspiring. After all this time, I finally found some time to read it, and I must say I was also inspired. 

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