diyes: time for aggregates

Hi again,

After we have seen how the event store works by saving and loading events related with an identity, in this post I am going up in the abstraction layer and talk about aggregates. A very good introduction to aggregate design can be found in Vaughn Vernons’ articles – Effective Aggregate Design.

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diyes: laying the foundation

For the more lazy ones that decided to skip the event sourcing literature that I suggested in my first post, I will try to explain a bit of how it works. Bear in mind, I am myself try to get to understand better how  Event Sourcing (ES) and CQRS so my explanations might not be the best.

So basically, instead of having objects containing a state to represent our business objects, with event sourcing we have a sequence of events that describe what happened to our aggregates (in ES these business objects are called aggregates).

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diyes: the event sourcing library

So the other day I was thinking to myself I wanted to know a bit more about event sourcing (ES) and the Command Query Responsibility Segregation pattern (CQRS). I have used ES before in a project before but I used library which was’t made by me. This gave me knowledge on how to model a domain using events but it didn’t give me the “down to the iron” experience of it. So I thought, what better way to learn about ES than by implementing a ES library myself.

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book review: The No Asshole Rule by Robert Sutton

TL;DR: The book talks about a dark side of the organisation life where assholes exist and can bring physical and psychological destruction to people around and costs to the organisation. Though the book is more aimed at bosses and managers I certainly enjoyed the read. I recommend this people to everybody, even if you don’t find yourself in asshole trap (a company full of assholes), you might find out that you have a bit of inner-jerk yourself and this book might help you control it.

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