How it happen: GOTO Conference Aarhus – Day Two

Again I will make a brief description of what was more interesting for me on the talks I have attended on day two.

Keynote – To the Moon by Russ Olsen

Russ retold in an amazing way, the story of the Apollo project and how it was an incredible engineering feat. The way he talked was so fascinating that I was completely glued to the back of my chair holding the breath until they finally touched down on the moon.

The take away of the story was that incredible engineering feats not only are important by the feat itself but because they inspire and create belief in other people that they can also achieve great things if they put their mind into.

I definitely recommend everybody to see it if you can in person or at least check out the same talk on youtube.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Flow by Viktor Klang

Victor presented reactive streams which is an initiative to provide a standard for asynchronous stream processing with non-blocking back pressure and explained how it all works and its benefits.

He also demoed the Akka implementation of reactive streams which is by now in experimental build stage but that promise to deliver easy ways to build up and configure these streams.

From ‘Agile Hangover’ to ‘Antifragile Organisations’ – Russ Miles

Russ had some interesting points on how agility was wrongly implemented in many companies and that people are willing to buy anything that is sold as a “remedy” for their problems without questioning.

Major takes are: always question dogmatic approaches;  we don’t know about that (yet) is not a bad thing, it is being true agile;

UX for mobile: it’s all about attention by Chris Atherton

Chris explained how we need to take into account how the brain works (in particular the attention and focus parts work) when building mobile applications.

I think this is a very interesting point, I truly think that if developers should try to first learn some cognitive psychology basics in order to deliver a much better user experience in their applications.

Where’s Captain Kirk? Charting a Course Through Enterprise Architecture – various speakers

There was some interesting discussion on how adopting public cloud solutions can benefit some enterprises. Also some good points about polyglot systems (systems built using several programming languages).

Our Responsibility to Defeat Mass Surveillance – Erik Dörnenburg and Martin Fowler

The thematic of this talk was how we as programmers have the responsibility of fighting for the user rights, specially in relation to privacy.


All in all I think it was a good conference, it was quite well organised and there was definitely many interesting topics to hear about. I truly hope I can participate again in the next year.

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