How it happen: GOTO Conference Aarhus – Day One

So here I am seating in the bloggers lounge and writing about what is happening at the GOTO Conference. I will make a brief resume of the talks I assisted.

Does the Browser have a Future?

Todays keynote by ex-googler Tim Bray had a quite provoking title “Does the Browser have a Future?”. His take on it is that currently many web frameworks that exist try to workaround inherent problems of the web technology so we are now living in a time of evolution explosion of bits and pieces that will turn out to die in a near future so unless the browser technology suffers an overhaul it might also die together with all these different bits and pieces as native apps can deliver better experiences to the users.

Scaling Pinterest

My main take of this talk was that when you scaling a product since it will probably fail, you want to be able to fix it so you should try to keep it as simple as possible. Great advices were always log everything and use only mature technologies since when non mature platforms will give you lots of pain as you might find hard to find solutions to your problems.

Look, no Mocks! Functional TDD with F#

Mark Seemann tried to disproof that TDD is dead by showing how easy and concise is to do Test Driven Development using F#

Responding in a timely manner

Interesting talk about how a programmer should also look outside of their software box into the hardware and the operating system. Understand how the hardware and OS works can help a programmer build more responsive services.

A Retake on the Agile Manifesto

A panel talk where the agile manifesto was revisited. Martin Fowler talked about how the manifesto came into creation. Prag-Dave (which I had the pleasure to have dinner with yesterday) was the most critique of the current state of Agile. He delivered a very good presentation where he showed his sadness that “Agile” is mainly being used purely for monetisation purposes and all the meaning of the word is lost. In Dave’s view agile is all about:

  1. find where you are
  2. take a small step towards your goal
  3. adjust your understanding
  4. repeat

I completely share Dave’s view I hope to see agile become less of a corporate marketing tool and actually become true agility.


All in all, I thought there was some cool presentations, soon will be off to dinner and 007 style party. You’ll hear more from me tomorrow!

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